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Pescheria Da Ceko Il Pescatore


The historic fish market Da Ceko Il Pescatore, based in Lecco in Piazza Era 8, offers its customers the opportunity to enjoy delicious lunches and  fish-based dinners in _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_sale  interne  of the activity or in the equipped outdoor area.

The history of the fish market

Da Ceko Il Pescatore is managed by the Ghislanzoni family, a historic fishing family from Pescarenico, a district of the city of Lecco.  Francesco Ghislanzoni has always been a fisherman on Lake Como, but in 2000 he decided with the wife Luciana, son Massimiliano and daughter-in-law Chiara, to open a shop selling lake and sea fish. In the business there is a fish processing laboratory, equipped with cells and a dryer for the production of dried lake fish.  Year after year, the shop expands and a small and modern kitchen that adapts its creations every day to the result of lake fishing and availability of daily  seafood products.

Pescheria Da Ceko Lecco

Staff made up of expert fishermen

The strength of Da Ceko Il Pescatore is its family management: a united and cohesive team made up of expert fishermen and lovers of fish-based cuisine. A young and dynamic staff has joined the 4 historical managers of the Ghislanzoni family. Da Ceko has an internal laboratory and, in compliance with all current health regulations, carries on the centuries-old tradition of processing  del  DRIED FISH: Missoltini, Squartoni and lake bottarga

The Chef, thanks to the experience gained, with creativity  supplies the gastronomy with fish dishes every day with imaginative and always different combinations. 

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