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At Ceko Il Pescatore, a historic fish market in Lecco, organizes personalized menus for parties and anniversaries, during which participants can enjoy excellent fresh fish-based dishes at a truly advantageous price.

The business also makes available its room, its experience in catering and

own dishes for private parties.

To arrange the menu and book your favorite dishes, do not hesitate to call the staff of Da Ceko Il Pescatore.

Organization of private parties from CEKO

If you want to organize something different with friends, trust the Da Ceko Il Pescatore team. The staff not only offers excellent fish but puts its expertise and professionalism at your disposal for the organization of theme nights and private parties. 
It is possible to arrange the menu with the chef, who is always available to satisfy your needs, and you can decide to spend your evening in the rooms of our restaurant.

Personalized menus for private parties e
anniversaries also  at home

Da Ceko Il Pescatore's mission has always been to bring the best fish to the table, both from lake water and sea water... even for private parties at home.
It is for this reason that the fishmonger's team has begun to organize fully customizable  menus made up of dishes selected and agreed according to tastes and budget.

We help you compose the menu, it's up to you to plate, serve and taste...

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