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Da Ceko Il Pescatore is not only the fish shop with the best fish in Lecco. The activity also offers itself as a gastronomy: every day at the counter you will find a vast choice of dishes made with genuine ingredients and fresh fish. All gastronomy dishes, from fried fish to cod, from vegetables to first courses, are carefully prepared by the Da Ceko Il Pescatore team. 


From September to June, every Friday... FRIED CODE!!


Customizable menu 

At the fish market and gastronomy Da Ceko Il Pescatore you can always create your own menu. 

In addition to the dishes of the day and all the fried foods, the gastronomy allows you to invent your own appetizer by mixing the products on the counter, such as soused, lake fish salads and octopus with potatoes.  On Fridays , from 9, you can buy the house specialty, fried fish and cod in batter. To reserve your favorite dish, do not hesitate to contact the gastronomy staff.


How to prepare fish at home

Do you have guests for dinner and want to surprise them with fish dishes? Trust the professionalism and quality of Da Ceko Il Pescatore fishmonger and gastronomy in Lecco, an activity that has been involved in fishing, selling and preparing fish for over 50 years. Here you can buy excellent fresh fish of the day, both from the sea and from the lake, such as perch, whitefish, shad, pike, burbot and much more. 
The highly qualified staff is always ready to advise you and give you all the advice you need to prepare and best fillet any type of fish. Your dinner will be a real success! And if you want to go big, you can also add take-away dishes prepared directly by the Da Ceko Il Pescatore gastronomy team. 

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