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Piatti di pesce da asporto Lecco


The historic fish market of Lecco Da Ceko Il Pescatore has always offered excellent fresh fish, both from lake water and sea water. The restaurant has been renovated and expanded over time, and today it is possible to buy not only fish but also a vast selection of delicious take-away dishes. The business offers an efficient, fast take away service and guarantees excellent value for money.


Many and delicious takeaway proposals

Take-away dishes are the big news introduced in recent years by the Da Ceko Il Pescatore team. All the products on the counter can be enjoyed inside the restaurant, in the equipped outdoor area,  or purchased to take away and eaten comfortably at home.  The dishes take away are prepared with genuine ingredients and high quality fresh fish, every week  a wide choice of dishes is offered to meet the needs of all customers. 

The takeaway dishes are packaged in practical cardboard boxes which can be heated directly in the microwave, except for fried foods which must always be heated in the oven.  Upon request, the customer is also supplied with cutlery, glasses, etc. for those who decide to taste the proposals along the nearby cycle path or "addio ai Monti" park equipped with picnic tables made available by the Municipality of Lecco.

The staff is always available to provide the right information to better enjoy all the takeaway dishes. 

A different menu every WEEK

The strength of the Da Ceko Il Pescatore fish market is the variety of the menu: every week, in fact, new dishes and take-away dishes are offered, so as to never bore the customers. 
Depending on the ingredients and the catch of the day, tasty and genuine dishes are created, which take up traditional recipes and add a pinch of creativity and innovation. 
To stay updated on the takeaway dishes of the day 
download the updated menu or  contact the staff.

You will always find someone ready to explain all the dishes to you and take your orders. 

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